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25 September 2011

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Mild Winter & Glorious start to Summer. Cheadle Hulme is set to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with bunting and street parties. 
Pictures here soon. House Buyers see Channel 4 TV link Secret Agent

Snow again to start the year and very cold, brilliant spring around Easter and a wet, grey summer. However, to brighten things up Cheadle Hulme Railway Station has had a makeover with a new footbridge and lifts

November-December 2010
Early Snow - about 3 inches from Nov 27th !

August-November 2010
Golden Autumn plus an unexpected early opening of the A34 Alderley Edge bypass opened 19th November (6 months early after a 90 year wait!).

Charity walkers on the new stretch on 24th October.

Being Alderley Edge, there was of course a Champagne tent at the end of the walk!

And an explosion in the number of waste bins Stockport Council expect us to store, fill, manhandle and put out on the streets. Not to mention retrieve from whatever silly location the binmen usually leave it in!.
Note the picture does not even include the new (sic) slops bucket awaiting every modern kitchen!

July-August 2010
Hosepipe Ban & Flash Floods signify a contrasty summer. Floods Floods

Feb-June 2010
Pleasant Spring flowers glorious this year - ready for an excellent summer? General Election occupied April and May with a Liberal win. World Cup Fever on the way. 

Dec 2009-Jan 2010
Winter Freeze & Snow Over 5 inches of snow and temperatures down to -18 C - not seen anything like it for years. So far snow in back garden from Dec 19 to Jan 10. Roads clogged but trains kept running.
>more pics

Mar-July 2009
Summer Tropical Extravaganza Charity Event held at Cheadle Hulme Precinct. >more pics

Jan-Feb 2009
As elsewhere a prolonged coldsnap. Hesketh Park improvements well underway. La Piazza restaurant changes name to Mancini's. Chinese New Year celebrated in style in Precinct. This website celebrates its 10th Birthday!

Aug-Dec 2008
Nothing much to report.

Aug 15 Tragedy
Two local 20 year old men were killed in a stolen car crash when they hit a car, caravan and house.
BBC News Web

Apr-Aug 2008

Not really much summer yet. So, to brighten your day have a look at this very keen 90 year old shopper's attempt to ram raid Cheadle Hulme Precinct - or was she just keen to get out of the rain (Aug 2nd)!

Good news - we can get away quicker. The Alderley Edge bypass has at last been given the go ahead after the initial plan was suggested in 1928. Wonder if it will take that long to brighten up CH railway station?

Jan-Mar 2008
Not so green!

Just when all was going well - a bunch of mature trees have been chopped down at the Church Rd end of Hilltop Avenue within (indeed a key gateway into) the newly expanded Conservation Area (See map on page 32 of PDF file).to quote SMBC: 'mature trees provide a leafy quality to the area' ! Is this the same Stockport council which gave the planning permission?

Mar-Dec 2007
Lots of changes!

Lost of new places to be in Cheadle Hulme Village centre:

  • Waitrose Supermarket, next to the railway station

  • The Penny Black, modern Pub on old Post Office site on Warren Road

  • Olive Press - vast new restaurant in old AA office building on Station Rd.

  • New Indian Restaurant next to greengrocers on Mellor Road

  • New Apartments - built in old Police Station

And wait for this - GP surgeries open on Saturdays again!!

Jan-Mar 2007
National News!

CH murder trial hits the national news again. Local Taxi driver found guilty - gets Life.

Sept-Dec 2006
No Change!

The year ended quietly with the closed Police Station, closed Sorting Office, mostly closed GP Surgeries, Railway Station and Bridge still urgently awaiting a spruce up, but with a new Waitrose supermarket arising from the ashes. However the roadside furniture looks pleasant and the trains are mostly running well - just a pity about the traffic still!

June-Aug 2006
Local Murders in National News

See BBC News

Mail Sorting Office Closed

Now pick up your parcels in Cheadle!

April-May 2006
May Local Elections

Some comments for electors and elected to think about:
Post Office Sorting Office
To close in July - Why?
Police Station
Closed - no outpost in sight- Why?
GP Surgeries closed Saturdays
Infill Housing sites
Still happening - Why?
Railway Station & Bridges
Still a mess - Why?
School/College & Sports centre may close
What replaces it in CH?
MAELR Route unfinished
Restricted Saturday parking
Why are barriers down on Saturdays?
Another supermarket for CH
Overall - with a growing population in CH are we going backwards on local services and facilities?

January 2006
Trains Off

The line from Cheadle Hulme to Crewe is closed until March for track upgades. The Christmas lights in the village were very good. Late night pub opening didn't seem to cause too many problems.

September 2005
School Co-Location

Further discussions have been held as to a possible move of Cheadle Hulme High School from Woods lane to the Cheadle & Marple Sixth Form College site in Cheadle. A powerpoint explaining some of the benefits is available. Local Councillors are keeping a sharp eye on these early discussions and will keep us updated.

August 2005
School Closure?

There is good evidence of ongoing discussions between governors and politicians about a possible closure of the Secondary School on Woods Lane and its replacement by housing. What will happen to Cheadle Hulme's only council leisure facilities too? Watch this space!

Pubs extended opening.  
Hesketh Tavern on Hulme Hall Road are applying for extended opening hours to 12.00 midnight  Mon-Thurs, 1.00am Fri-Sat and until 2.00am bank Holidays. Anyone know if similar applies to other pubs located amongst dwelling areas in Cheadle Hulme?

Another Supermarket? 
Waitrose may come to Cheadle Hulme on the former E-Sure site opposite John's the barbers on Station Road.

CHNet Website update.  
New pictures for 2000 onwards being added. See 2000-Now

June 2005
Phantom Artist hits Cheadle Hulme.
A spate of artistic contributions to the now boarded up Cheadle Hulme police station have been re-painted and re-removed over the last week. What do you think?

May 2005
Oak Meadow park in the village centre now has a fine set of railings, benches and new lighting.

November 2004
Christmas Lights
are looking good this year. The centre has now almost all the new pavement furniture in place. Finally, the trains are back in service - well on most days! Still waiting for the long overdue improvement to the railways station frontage.

July 2004
Millington Hall
after extended refurbishment re-opens as the John Millington (Heritage Inns) public house and restaurant. Otherwise it has been raining most of the summer! Trains - don't ask!

July-April 2003
Super Summer
Cheadle Hulme like much of the country is enjoying a heat wave - open garden events, barbecues, packed pub gardens, also some peace and quiet due to the 5 month closure of the Cheadle Hulme to Stoke railway line.
Extended Licences Email reports that Governors House (Ravenoak Rd) is applying for opening till midnight on Thursday to Sunday (See notices on Fence until May 12th). New lamposts with CH Logos going up in district centre.

March-January 2003
What no news!
Hasn't anyone got anything to add about things happening in the area besides the brilliant weather in March - sun is shining and the daffodills and cherry blossom are out.

Not a lot
happening in the area at the moment. Poor show for Christmas decorations etc in the Village centre  but that should improve a lot next year. Very wet, again.
: Cheadle Hulme was rocked by the Manchester earthquakes. Over 35 quakes occured over a 4 day period from 21-24 October including 4 'biggies' in the 2.8-3.9 richter range.

September-July 2002
Baton RelayBaton:
July 21 9.51am: the Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay reached Cheadle Hulme on one of its final legs of the journey to the Manchester Commonwealth Games.
Thorn GroveThorn Grove Junior School Celebrates its Golden Jubilee with a BBQ and performance by the Thorn Groovers.

June-May 2002
Great News:
it was noted at last night's Cheadle Hulme Partnership meeting that the centre is to get new 'white' lighting, new lights and hanging baskets on Mellor Rd, resurfacing of Warren Rd, and new paving under the railway bridges. Improvements to Oak Meadow and the railway bridges were also discussed. The new Cheadle Hulme Business Association is also active. Please add your comments to the SWOT survey on the Message Board NOW!
World Cup Fever
seems to have gripped the area with flags adorning houses, shops, cars and wrapped around people.
Cheadle Hulme
appeared on most editions of the local and national news amid allegations that local company Byrom was involved in problematic ticket provision for the World Cup.The company, however, have declared that they were not at fault. More More
Golden Jubilee
celebrations take place with a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy the street parties, garden parties and world cup matches.
, Jennifer Pike aged 12 from Cheadle Hulme has become the youngest ever finalist and winner of the BBC Young Musician of the Year award - Congratulations. Last month she also became the first British and youngest ever winner of the Yehudi Menuhin Violinist contest in France.
Link BBC, Link MEN.
Otherwise a wet month, the railway bridges were netted to shift the pigeons, new posh street signs have appeared in the centre. Next - the World Cup and the Golden Jubilee!

April-March 2002
, at last, around Easter and local flags fly at half mast in rememberance of the Queen Mother.
band's last peformance - sadly the group go their separate ways.

February-January 2002
District Centre Regeneration Partnership
meeting held on Feb 6th atended by locals, councillors and former MP discussed shopping, railway bridges, parking - and of course traffic!
, a local Indie boys band makes the big time with live performances in Manchester and Sheffield. Blockbusters videostore opens. Ladybridge road closes for long awaited bridge repairs.

December 2001
after Christmas, Wetherspoons re-opened. Cheadle Hulme Net Website gets 49,000 visitors this year!

November-September 2001
- Except for the many new websites appearing - see right, a fairly quiet period - still waiting for Wetherspoons to reopen, for the new Video shop to open, for the Station Road 'improvements' to finish, and for it to stop raining! But - watch this space - District Centre Regeneration Partnership coming soon!

August-July 2001
- Wetherspoons (Kings Hall) was gutted by fire on Friday 24th Aug. New shops are being built along Station Road on site of old BP petrol station.

June-May 2001
General Election
- by the narrowest margin in the country (33 votes) the Liberal Democrats ousted the Conservatives after 30 years and Patsy Calton replaced Stephen Day to become MP for Cheadle (More)

February-April 2001
Not a lot happening
trains still not running at weekends due to track upgrades, lots of rain, national census on April 29th, new office block under construction along bypass, second runway open at airport, foot & mouth disease keeps footpaths closed.

January 2001
- a 32 year old man was shot dead in his home in the Chedlee Drive area of Cheadle Hulme. The total Eclipse of the moon by the Earth which occured on Tuesday 9th was clearly visible in the area.

December 2000
Late December: Snow
covers village (Picture).
Early December: Flash Flood
Blocks Village centre - cars stranded. (Picture)

October-November 2000
Nothing much happening except for RAIN! The new Manchester M60 ring road is now open but local traffic as bad as ever. Shopping precinct is still having a facelift and a new gift shop has opened on Church Road.

September 2000
At last ! After 4years and 8 months the longest lasting roadworks in the UK is finished and the 20 yard bridge is open to free flowing traffic between Cheadle Hulme and Cheadle. However, the 6 minute journey time was probably assisted by the national shortage of petrol!

July-August 2000
Website  areal pictures added to photo gallery
CH Gardens
opened to public on July 8 & 9 despite very wet weather which continued through August
Railways - no weekend trains until September due to track work aimed at reducing M/C to London journey to 1 h 40 mins (not much longer than C/H to Cheadle - see Nov '99 !)
CHHS/CHLC/Wood's Lane leaver's ball held at Airport Hotel went well - good luck in your GCSE results. Year 10 TOTP

Feb-June 2000
Discussion Forum added to website - click here
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Road hassles worsen - Cheadle Road bridge still not finished after 4 years!
Wet weather ruined much of May/June and Mersey flood warning issued
Local Elections - no changes

January 2000
Welcome to the New Millennium -
New Year Events passed safely with lots of fireworks and noise. Then back to reality and traffic jams!

December 1999
Pedestrian killed by car on Station Road

November 1999
Road Chaos continues throughout the area with huge traffic jams on the 'Cheadle Crawl' due to motorway and other roadworks. New record set of 1 hour 15 minutes to travel the 3 miles from Cheadle Hulme to Cheadle on November 1st is now slower than 1 millennium ago!

October 1999
Railway Lines on the West Coast route through Cheadle Hulme will be upgraded to take high speed trains reducing the Stockport- London journey to 1 hour 40 minutes by 2005.

September 1999
Governor's House landlord and wife were held hostage at gunpoint on Sunday Night amidst a buglary.
Serious Car Crash
on Gillbent Road on Friday night left two teenagers dead and two others injured.
Richard LIfe, badly burnt in Majorca in July, is now recovering and celebrating his A level results. Monkhouse's newly expanded precinct store is now ready for the new school year.

August 1999
Car parking on the entrance to Monmouth Road estate is to be restricted to residents only.
Cheadle Hulme Cricket Club made an outstanding victory against Hyde after being down against 281 for 6dec - but - they crashed out of the Cheshire Cup to Wallasey.

July 1999
Richard Life (17) is still critically ill in Withington Hospital after being set alight whilst on holiday in Majorca.

May 1999
Downes Bridge repairs on Cheadle Road have now resumed !

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Summer Tropical Extravaganza
Sat. July 17th

Cheadle Hulme Partnership Meetings

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Summer Tropical Extravaganza at Cheadle Hulme Precinct - July 4th 2009
   Dave Jellybean in action  Organiser and Cheetham Hill Band   Community Police Support Officers in action
Local rock band wows the crowds A taste of the oriental outside Rainbows Stalls galore - but note the Jewellers have now moved to Haeton Moor Paulo in action outside Mancinis Italian Restaurant
Thomas & family from T&W Crowds  enjoying the event & the sunshine Congratulations to the organisers It's that rocking band again
Some people still have to mind the shop Senior Citizen Alan gets into the spirit ! It's Alan again - cavorting with pharmacy staff ! Hit those drums !
Proceeds went to Francis House (Rainbow Trust)                     .... click on pictures to enlarge.



Commonwealth Games & Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay

July 21st 2002 at 9.51 am the Baton Relay left the Manchester Rugby Club at Grove Lane Cheadle Hulme on day 46 of the relay.
Wondered where all the police were on Sunday - acting as outriders to support the baton relay. batonpolp21070218p250.jpg (25826 bytes)




Thorn Grove Golden Jubilee Reunion
thorngp13p600.jpg (37374 bytes)
Thorn Groovers Jubilee Band performed music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80, 90s and 00s.
thorntch5p600.jpg (43566 bytes)

Recognise your ex-teacher here - part  of Thorn Grove's Jubilee Reunion.



Rob Stonall (now in Canada) would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers
Queens Road Primary School from the 1978-1980 era or just previously. Email:


Cheadle Hulme College - Year 10 Top of the Pops Evening July 19 2000

CHC TOTP July 2000





Eclipse - click here for BBC

Eclipses of the sun were seen at Cheadle on 1st August 1851 between 2 and 4pm

June 29th 1927 - a total eclipse occurred across the North of England

June 30th 1954 - a total eclipse visible in Shetland.

A near total (90%) eclipse occurred at Cheadle Hulme on August 11th 1999 at 11.17am. Totality was only visible in Cornwall.

Eclipse - click here for BBC


Images from the BBC Website - click image for more information

August 11th 1999 Eclipse