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From Kay Brown: .I have a history of the Henshaw and Brown families who ran the Blacksmiths near Pinfold Farm on Hulme Hall Road. (See this) (October 1999)
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1. The Cheadle Hulme Pub was previously called 'The Junction' - Roger Cookson.
    Whoops my error - now fixed (MM).
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1. A Village is where people live - Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare - M Clark
   Okay, point taken (MM)
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1. Does anyone remember the band Genesis visiting Cheadle Hulme? (See this)
  Thanks to Simon Phillips 'I remember them playing at the hall opposite the Church on Church Rd.Probably about 1970 ish.! (November 1999)

2. Does anyone know exactly when the park gates were removed from the Manor
    Road/Station Road junction?

3. Does anyone want their local web page adding?