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Cheadle Hulme Business Association
(Established 1 May 2002)
The Cheadle Hulme Business Association was established as a stakeholder for the recently formed Cheadle Hulme Partnership with SMBC. It provides input into the District Centres West Regeneration plan and acts as a local forum.

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Cheadle Hulme District Centre
Cheadle Hulme District Centre
( SMBC Unitary Development Plan & Ordnance Survey)

Key issues raised so far include:-

  • Poor state of Railway bridges
  • Traffic congestion, especially Station Rd/Albert Rd junction
  • Warren Rd one-way system
  • Oak Meadow
  • 'Free' Parking


  • For  local Businesses and Traders to discuss issues affecting them
  • To provide an input to the Cheadle Hulme Partnership
  • To interact with SMBC




May 1st 2002   #1 (Summary Only)
  1. Present:  Chris Monkhouse, Mary Monkhouse, (FR Monkhouse Ltd); Mike Mahon (Cheadlehulme.Net); Jenny Foster (SMBC), Mimmo (Portabello), Mr & Mrs Avery (Mellor Lighting), Mac McLeod (Hilma Travel), Chris Wilson (Christopher Wilson & Co), Mr & Mrs Lees (Crissan), Arthur Branthwaite (A Branthwaite), Lynne Hope (The Firegate), Mrs Butterworth (Butterworths), Linda Lee (Rainbow 88)
  2. Welcome: Chris Monkhouse introduced the participants and explained the recent formation of the Cheadle Hulme Partnership and the issues raised, including traffic problems, railway bridges, vandalism, car parking and parks.
  3. Cheadle Hulme Business & Traders Association: Chris explained how other District Centres had set up or incorporated B/T associations as partners with SMBC. He suggested an informal structure without secretaries, treasures etc and a small committee to organise meetings. The following issues arose:-
    1. 200 people had been contacted regarding this meeting
    2. Morning (pre-work) meetings were suggested.
    3. Breakfast seminars on marketing were successful elsewhere (Marple).
    4. Poor lighting and cleaning on Mellor Rd and arrival of pigeons since the netting of the bridges
    5. Warren Rd traffic problems, hanging baskets in the centre
    6. Painting the railway bridges
    7. Linda (Rainbow 88) offered her premises for larger meetings
  4. Cheadle Hulme Website: Mike Mahon briefly covered the history of Cheadle Hulme and opportunities for online information, advertisements and discussion.
  5. AOB: A committee was formed comprising - Chris Monkhouse, Mr Mcleod, Mr & Mrs Avery, Ann Lees.
  6. Contact: Your nearest Committee member or Chris Monkhouse, FR Monkhouse Ltd, 4-8 The Shopping Centre, 0161 488 3404, email
Agreed: To form a Cheadle Hulme Business Association.