Cheadle Hulme & Area - Manorial & Other Halls
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Savage Hall    (Details & Pictures)
Moseley Hall  (Details & Pictures)
Hulme Hall (Details & Pictures)
Stanley Hall  (Summary)
Millington Hall (Summary)
Handforth Hall (Details & Pictures)
Bramhall Hall (Summary)
Woodford Old Hall
Woodford New Hall
Those from which no traces are left include:-
Cheadle Bulkeley Hall - lay close to Cheadle parish church on Massie Street. (The Bulkeleys were lords of the manor of Cheadle [Cheadle Bulkeley] from 1326 to 1756)
Bradshaw Hall - in Stockport Etchells / Long Lane, now the Bradshaw housing estate part of Cheadle Hulme. Established in 1550, the Kelsall family were long term inhabitants (267 years) and eventually the Prescotts in 1851. Farmed by the Robinson family for 150 years. Estate was bought by UDC in 1951 and council houses built. In 1973 parts were auctioned off for private development and caused a national stir. (See Williams & Williams 1998).
Bridge Hall - in Adswood