(3) Millington Hall

This brick structured dwelling house was built in 1683 for a local Alderman, John Millington who died in 1694 and is buried at Cheadle. It was later used for hand loom silk weaving and was owned by the Hazeldine's. A thatched outbuilding was converted into three cottages (which once housed Methodist meetings [1814] and are now boutiques). Another, smaller outbuilding is now a florist.

Millington Hall is currently a restaurant and meeting place.

At its rear is John Hazeldine's wood yard and craft shop which also housed a stables and horses until the mid 1990s.

Much of the land to the right (South) of the hall is now occupied by the 4th incarnation of Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church (since 1968). This previously occupied dwelling houses near to Millington Hall (1787), the now Quaker Meeting House Station Road (1824) and the Methodist Church on Bellfield Avenue (1884).

The drawings to the right are best viewed on the Methodist Church Website indicated opposite from wher they were obtained.

Millington Hall, late 1800s

Millington Hall in the late 1800s - Cheadle Hulme. (E^)

Millington Hall 1994

Millington Hall and flower shop 1994. (E^)

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2004 - Extended and refurbished as the John Millington Public House

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Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church1968
1968 Cheadle Hulme Methodist Church