Cheadle Hulme - Manorial Halls

Hulme Hall

Hulme Hall in 1999 [MM]
Hulme Hall photographed in 1999 (MM). Located on Hulme Hall Road, near the Hesketh Tavern, Cheadle Hulme. The oldest parts date back to 1419. It was extensively restored and extended in 1867 by its then owner Isaac Storey. It is now 580 years old. It was originally the home of the Vernons who formed the submanor of Chedle Holme within the Bagilegh-Savage division of Cheadle. When Geoffrey de Vernon died in 1476 it reverted back to the Savages, then the Moseleys. It is now used as a nursing home.

Hulme Hall in 1892



Hulme Hall in 1892, taken from Heginbotham. This aspect of the Hall has hardly changed in a century.

Hulme Hall in 1904



Hulme Hall in 1904. The wall is still present today, however the road is now painted red and the traffic is a lot busier.

Hulme Hall in 1999 [MM]
Hulme Hall in 1999 [MM]