Cheadle Hulme - Manorial Halls

Moseley Hall

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Cheadle Moseley Hall photographed in 1999 (MM). Located on Cuthbert Road, Cheadle. Built 1666/1667, restored 1926, now aged 333 years. The Moseleys were lords of the manor of Cheadle Moseley from 1643-1734. The inscription over the door is R.M. and a foundation stone reads RSM 1667. It has the remains of an oaken staircase, a large ingle-nook fireplace and many other antiquities. Race horses were bred in the grounds and the 1840 St Leger winner came from here. Sir WC brooks owned the hall in the later 1800s and divided it into three cottages for let. It fell into disrepair until it was restored in 1926 when Mr Reginald Booth bought it. Around 1945 it was sold to Mrs Hodgkinson from Lymm who suggested moving it but instead she rented it out and sold it to the Hoyland family in 1955 who ran a Caravan transport business from the grounds. Now (1999) it is closely embedded amongst modern housing in a cul-de-sac. (See Moss, 1894; Clarke, 1972).

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1999 (Mahon)

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Front 1890s (Heginbotham)

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1894 (Moss)