(1) Station Road Railway Bridges

The original bridges were built in the 1840s to carry the new railway lines from Manchester to Crewe and Macclesfield. They crossed the main street of Cheadle Hulme which was originally very narrow and winding.

Even when the first influx of cars used this route regularly in the 1930s-1960s this central spot was very narrow.

Map1980s (N^)

The bridges were replaced and the road widened in the mid 1960s following a rail accident at the 'Cheadle Hulme bend' on May 28th 1964 in which 3 people were killed.

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Station Road Bridge 1905
Station Road Railway Bridges, about 1905  (S^)

Station Road 1963
Station Road Railway Bridge, about 1963  (N^)
Mellor Road is off to the left. (1967)

Station Road 1994
Station Road Railway Bridges 1994  (N^)
The Station is to the right and Mellor Road to the left.

Station Road Traffic
Another view showing the less busy traffic (on a Saturday) and the offices 'To Let' notices (1999) (N^)

Cheadle Hulme Station from Mellor Road (1999)
View of the Station and platforms from between the bridges (Mellor Road) (E^).

Cheadle Hulme Railway Station (1999)
Close up of the Railway Station

Railway Pub
The railway pub - The Cheadle Hulme, Station Road
Formerly 'The Junction'

Cheadle Hulme station and junction of railway lines.
Cheadle Hulme Station and junction of two main lines (<E, W>, S^).
The bridge for the Crewe line is at the right. The old AA office blocks are at top left.