(8) Smithy Green Area

Smithy Green (where the smithy stood) lies along the route from Cheadle to Bramhall via Hulme Hall. Many of the buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s still stand and are in use as houses, a hairdressers and a butty shop, and a post office. It also boasts one of the few roadside spots in Cheadle Hulme still having an open view across fields. In the 1960s planning permission was refused to build the Smithy Pub (now on Stanley Road) and the Smithy Green Health Centre was but instead (just right from the tree in the first photograph). The area also has a Snooker club and is home to the long established woodcutters of the Cheadle Hulme Fencing company originally belonging to the Carding family.


Cheadle Hulme School was built in 1869 and called Warehousemen and Clerks' Orphan School.

Smithy Green - Hulme Hall Road
Hulme Hall Road, Smithy Green, about 1910. (S^)


Church Road Post Office 1999
Church Road /Gillbent Road /Hulme Hall Road junction & Post Office in 1999. (N^)



Cheadle Hulme School

Cheadle Hulme School


Cheadle Hulme School - rear

Cheadle Hulme School and Playing Fields (1999)

Open fields - 1999
The open fields behind Cheadle Hulme School.