(13) Gillbent Area

Stringers, Higher and Lower Bent farms stood alone in the 1800s but were soon linked by a few roadside houses in the 1930s. This area towards the south of Cheadle Hulme remained farmland until about 1960 - then suddenly it was all gone, replaced by housing estates. However the vast open fields between Woking Road and the old A34 (Long Lane) provide a ready and pleasant escape albeit bisected by the railway in 1842 and the A34 bypass in 1997.

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In the 1990s Gillbent Road became so busy that traffic roundabouts were introduced at each end.

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Gill Bent Road (1910) (S^) with Stringers and Higher Bent farms just about visible.

Stringer's Farm
Stringer's Farm on Gillbent Road disappeared when the housing boom hit the area. It lies close to the entrance to Thorn Grove School (N^)

Higher Bent Farm
Higher Bent Farm in the southern Gillbent Road area lasted from the 1760s to the 1950s.

A number of cottages dating from the 1700s, however are still extant along Grove Lane